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Cleanliness & hygiene

Did you know that 88%* of EU consumers feel that when their place is clean, it gives them peace of mind? Don't take your health for granted. Keeping our homes clean and having good hygiene habits are vital for our health as well as our wellbeing. Done well, safely and sustainably, this doesn’t need to be a chore either. Good habits are essential for our good health. 

Let’s be clear first what we mean when we talk about cleaning and hygiene.

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Safety of children

Storing detergents and maintenance products in a safe place becomes really important when you have young children at home, especially toddlers when they start to crawl. Here is some important advice to keep them safely away from children, but still easily accessible to you when you are doing the laundry, the dishes or cleaning your home.

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Risk assessment

Great cleaning and maintenance products rely on great chemical formulas to get the job done. Manufacturers make every effort to ensure that their products are safe for use through rigorous testing and by providing ‘easy-to-follow’ instructions and labelling. But how do manufacturers determine what is safe and what is not? How are levels of ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’ established?

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Break the chain of infection

Did you know that keeping our homes clean does not mean it is free from potentially harmful microbes which are being constantly shed into the environment by the people and animals that live there, and the food we prepare? These microbes are invisible, so you cannot rid your home of them through cleaning.The effective way to protect your home from harmful microbes is to have good hygiene habits at key moments when they are most likely to be spreading. We call this ‘targeted hygiene’.

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Clean sustainably

Cleaning in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way is a joint effort, because it matters both how the cleaning products are made and how you use them. Find out more about how the industry is working to make cleaning products more sustainable and how you can do your part.

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Use products safely

It is safe to use detergent and cleaning products at home, by following the instructions for use on the label, and storing them out safely and out of reach of children. As with any chemical product, a certain degree of precaution is always necessary guides you on how to use and store your cleaning products safely.

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