Collective efforts reap big environmental benefits

It’s what we do collectively that counts. Did you know that by washing your laundry at 30°C you use 60% less energy than if you wash it at 60°C? If everyone in Europe reduced their wash temperature when possible it could really make a big difference. In fact, the energy savings of a reduction of only 3° in the average wash temperature of people in Europe is equivalent to eliminating the emissions produced by around 700,000 cars*. See how lots of small personal acts can add up to a big difference.

Keep your clothes in better shape for longer

You don’t have to worry that washing at 30°C won’t get your clothes clean. With advances in washing machines and laundry detergents, it’s now possible to get the same great results washing at cool temperatures. What’s more, your clothes and fabrics will show less wear and tear, keep their colour better and look good for longer.

There are only a few times when it is advisable to wash at higher temperatures, for example, when someone in the household is ill or vulnerable, or when items are heavily soiled, or you are washing professional clothing that might be contaminated.

i prefer 30 logo Check out the complete guide to choosing the most suitable washing temperature.

Turn the temperature down

So how can your individual efforts help the environment? Simply lower the wash temperature of your machine whenever possible and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by saving energy. Since heating the water consumes the most energy in the laundry process, the simple act of turning the temperature down on your machine cuts CO2 emissions and helps save the planet. And there are even more benefits! Washing at low temperatures is a milder process and so your clothes will last longer. This in itself is a major environmental benefit as it also leads to less emissions during textile production. Some pretty easy tasks to achieve significant results, don’t you agree?

Make your contribution for the common good. For more inspiration to move towards washing at low temperature, visit

*Source: A.I.S.E. I prefer 30 campaign

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